Who We are and What We Do

Enlightened Enterprises, Inc. - About UsEnlightened Enterprises, Inc. is a privately held Maryland Corporation serving the comprehensive needs of our Nation’s public sector clients. Enlightened is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. The company was founded in 1984 by Michael Nail and Marjorie Scovel Nail.

While predominantly an energy company, we also provide business consulting, writing and publishing services, and have a successful track record of bringing innovative, integrated business solutions to the table that respond to our clients’ unique energy infrastructure needs. We craft our solutions to help build long term energy and financial sustainability and resiliency while being sensitive to environmental issues. Using the newest technologies and financing approaches, we can help position your agency for success now and into the future.

Our Divisions – EEC and EES

Enlightened Enterprises, Inc., which is a Service-Related Disabled Veteran Small Business, has two “Enlightened Energy” divisions: Enlightened Energy Consultants (EEC) and Enlightened Energy Solutions (EES).
EEC provides independent energy advice and assistance to our public sector clients and is an industry leader in providing energy performance contracting (EPC) owner’s representative including project and construction oversight and self-managed EPC energy services to the Nation’s Public Housing Authorities (PHAs). EEC has a track record of more than $500 million in successful energy projects to date.
EES brings innovative, state-of-the-art energy-saving products and services to our public sector clients including PHAs.

Our Approach

Our general methodology and approach are to act as a development partner or as an expert member of our client’s energy-saving team. In that capacity, we act as an experienced and knowledgeable advisor and team member and an extension of the organization’s team to advise and assist in moving the organization forward into more energy-efficient, resilient, renewable and cost-effective strategies.

Our Commitment to Educate

One of our primary goals is to educate our clients to help them strengthen their internal capacity – to leave the organization stronger after we have completed our work. We have a comprehensive knowledge of operations, building infrastructure, maintenance, financing, the nuances of federal and other applicable regulations with their interpretations plus awareness of the newest energy technologies. We are a leader in integrating best practices into our projects.

Our Team

Enlightened’s professionals are some of the Industry’s very best. Their credentials shown below are unique in terms of their breadth and depth of knowledge, experience and creativity.

Michael Nail – CEO

Michael is the President and CEO, Co-Founder and Primary Owner of Enlightened Enterprises. Michael, who is a former Naval Officer and disabled veteran from his service during the Vietnam War, is our primary liaison with the Affordable Housing Industry and has over 30 years of private and public business experience in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. He was the past Deputy Executive Director/Chief Operating Office of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO), and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NAHRO, Inc. (now Transpire, Inc.). While at NAHRO, he acted as the point person on national energy policy and issues at HUD, the DOE, and on Capitol Hill, and has extensive contacts in the Public Housing industry. He served with colleague Dick Santangelo on the Energy Resilience Action Council (ERAC).

Marjorie Scovel NailVice President

Vice President

Marjorie is the VP and co-owner of Enlightened Enterprises. She is a writer and human potential consultant. She writes under our subsidiary company Capitol Ideas and assists the enlightened energy projects as needed.

David Anderson – President of EEC

David is a nationally certified energy manager (CEM) and has been involved in the development and negotiation of over $400 million in energy performance contracts, the majority of which is installed and providing savings, representing more than 25 percent (dollar value) of all installed HUD EPC projects. He is also the Past President of Association of Energy Engineers (Chicago) and is known as one of the top energy practitioners in the Industry. Dave also is one of the top trainers in the country on energy performance contracting and frequently conducts training on behalf of HUD to PHAs. 

Richard SantangeloPE, LEED AP, Senior Associate

Dick is a licensed, professional engineer (PE) in FL and VA with an MBA, and is our primary point of contact at HUD and DOE. He brings his many years of experience and stewardship at HUD to our company and is one of the country’s foremost experts on HUD Public Housing energy issues and Energy Performance Contracting (EPC). He retired from Federal Service in January 2010 with 42 years of Federal service. In July of 2011, through his leadership, the HUD – Office of Public and Indian Housing was recognized as a world leader in green development and sustainability.  Dick is president of his own firm, Apollo Engineering Solutions, LLC, and served with Michael Nail on the Energy Resilience Action Council (ERAC).

David Birr – Senior Associate

David is a private member of the National Association of Energy Services Companies (NAESCO) Accreditation Committee and is the head of his own firm, Synchronous Energy Solutions. Dave has been a consultant to HUD and numerous PHAs on energy performance contracting. He has reviewed over 100 energy performance contracts and is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable experts in energy performance contracting in the United States. Dave has been involved in the majority of our projects and specifically in those projects that we have used as project references. Dave is also the Past President of Association of Energy Engineers (Chicago) and is known as one of the top energy practitioners in the Industry.

Ken LoarBuilding Energy Analyst

Ken has a broad business background and in-depth consulting experience assisting small Public Housing Authorities to prepare and secure Energy Performance Contracts. His extensive financial experience comes from over thirty years of constructing and executing large, capital intensive Information Systems projects for IBM and later for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone’s (NTT) Communications Corporation. He has served as Vice President for renewable energy equipment providers and geothermal equipment manufacturers. He has also served as Director of Business Development for renewable energy equipment providers. The diversity of his background and his expertise in the areas in which he has direct experience make him a valued resource and a voice well regarded as a “technical energy efficiency conscience”.

Wilt Lee – Senior Associate and Director of Construction

Wilt has over 40 years in the construction field with over 35 years of experience in construction management and 23 years of Public Housing experience in Energy Performance Contracting (EPC). He has managed over 60 EPCs with Public Housing Authorities across the United States. He has worked closely with governmental agencies, engineers, architects, and financial institutions and has been involved in construction modification and improvements projects, which have included high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise complexes as well as commercial and residential buildings, lakes, dams, and military bases. He is also a NAHRO Certified Public Housing Manager.