Enlightened Energy Consultants (EEC)

EEC was formed in 2004 and provides independent energy advice and assistance to our public sector clients and is an Industry leader in providing energy performance contracting (EPC) owner’s representative and self-managed EPC energy services to the Nation’s Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) with over $500 million in successful EPC projects to

EEC, working with Apollo Engineering Solutions, LLC, our engineering partner 2rs Consulting Corporation and Efficiency Energy, LLC. , and Sequestra, LLC., we can provide the following services:

  • Energy audits
  • Securing rebates for public sector entities, including PHAs through
    programs like 179D and carbon credit sales
  • Comprehensive RAD evaluation and implementation service
  • Project oversight/Construction management
  • Measurement and verification of energy use and cost savings
  • Green Physical Needs Assessments (GPNA), especially in support
    of long-term capital improvement plans
  • Commissioning of HVAC, electrical and control systems
  • Design of energy-efficient HVAC, electrical, control, plumbing,
    architectural and site improvements for residential properties
  • Computer simulations of energy use in buildings and dwelling units
  • Independent, third-party review and analysis of energy projects and recommendations for improvement
  • Analysis of utility consumption and development of engineered utility allowances for affordable housing and Low Income Housing
    Tax Credit (LIHTC) properties
  • Utility Rate negotiations and utility overcharge recoveries
  • Electric and Natural Gas Procurement
  • Distributed generation energy solutions (solar, fuel cells, etc.)

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