The Doctors of Energy are Back – And Coming to a Conference Near You!

You probably remember the white lab coats, the crowds and excitement wherever they appear. Yes, you guessed it; the Doctors of Energy are back! The Doctors of Energy are our way of bringing fun and humor
and reliable information and results to our colleagues in the Industry!

At upcoming conferences in Atlantic City (MARC NAHRO), Cape Cod (MASS NAHRO) and Manchester, Vermont (NERC NAHRO), Dick Santangelo, President and CEO of Apollo Engineering Solutions and Mike Nail, President and CEO of Enlightened Enterprises, AKA as the ‘Doctors of Energy’, are bringing you important, timely information and real solutions to help keep your Agency’s staff and residents safe during the Pandemic and to find new revenue sources for your agencies. Stop by our booth and learn about the benefits of UV Angel in purifying the air and keeping our spaces, staff and residents safe now and into the future! Based upon our due diligence, we have found that these UV-C light solutions are the only ones we are aware of that have been subjected to extensive clinical trials, peer reviews and track the CDC guidelines. These proven, state of the art UV Angel products are being used in hospitals, including St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and many other public and private facilities including the New Bedford Housing Authority.

Also ask us about how you can secure monies for your past energy conservation work through the 179D program and carbon credit sales. Carbon credit sales can provide a source of long term recurring income
for your agency – a real benefit during these times of unpredictability of federal funding.

We look forward to meeting with you!