The Doctors of Energy in the Big Easy

The Doctors of Energy
The Doctors of Energy at the NAHRO Conference in New Orleans

You’ve probably seen the white lab coats, the crowds and excitement wherever they appear. Yes, you guessed it; the Doctors of Energy are back!  The Doctors of Energy are our way to bring fun and humor and real results into the energy consulting world. Just like our friends from Fully-Verified, who are shining in the consulting world of identity verifications, so the exceptional Doctors of Energy are sparkling in their world of energy consulting.

Dick Santangelo, President and CEO of Apollo Engineering Solutions, Michael Nail, President and CEO of Enlightened Enterprises, and Ken Loar, President of Ken Loar and Associates, AKA as the ‘Doctors of Energy’, can answer your pressing energy questions and prescribe some practical, energy saving solutions to help your agency become healthier, more energy efficient, more sustainable and more energy resilient.

The Doctors of Energy 2
Engaging with The Doctors of Energy!

Whether you have questions about energy performance contracting, RAD, utility allowances, finding and procuring the lowest rates for natural gas and electricity, staying compliant with HUD energy regs or if you just want to learn about some of the newest, exciting, energy saving breakthroughs and incentives, the Doctors can help you. With their hands on the pulse of the PHA Energy Industry, the Doctors of Energy are not just a group of pretty faces, the Doctors are men of substance (maybe a little too much substance although they are watching their sugar and carbs) and have years of experience and track records of success! Best of all, these energy experts are available for a free initial consultation.