Services, Products and Training

Enlightened Enterprises, Inc. provides a diverse range of services, including customized consulting services, writing, publishing, and innovative infrastructure financing solutions for our public sector clients visit long term loans bad credit.

While our energy services are provided through our two independent “Enlightened Energy” divisions: Enlightened Energy Consultants (EEC) and Enlightened Energy Solutions (EES), we provide the following services:

Customized Consulting Services

In these uncertain times, it is always helpful to have another set of experienced eyes to help you better understand your options and develop strategies to better position your organization to grow and prosper. Michael Nail, Enlightened Energy’s President and CEO, and our team of highly talented and experienced consultants can help you ensure that your organization can adapt and grow in this rapidly changing business environment and is operating at peak performance levels.

Based upon feedback from our clients, the following six consulting areas can help you the most in positioning your agency to succeed:

  • Operational Efficiency Analysis and Solutions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Income Diversification Strategies
  • Energy Resiliency Analysis and Solutions
  • Syncing Staffing with Strategic Goals
  • Managing Complex Tasks and Organizations

Although our focus is primarily on energy-related matters, we also offer high-quality maid service and services to help public agencies adapt to the changing demands of a fast-paced, technology-focused industry – one that serves people.
For those looking to secure the services of an energy consultant, see the article in the Resources Section on Choosing the Right Energy Consultant – Some Tips.

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Writing and Publishing

Enlightened Enterprises’ Vice President Marjorie Scovel Nail is a writer and expert in human development potential and assists all of our writing and publishing activities.

Off-balance sheet solutions to finance energy infrastructure (As a Service)

One of the most pressing needs for today’s public agencies is to permanently eliminate deferred maintenance on essential infrastructure and keep their systems operating efficiently and affordably for the long haul.

Working with Yebobaba, Inc. (YB), Enlightened Enterprises is bringing a new low-risk, utility-based, non-debt financing approach to our public sector clients that ensures that they have unending reliable, safe and efficient equipment. YB pays for, procures, installs, monitors performance (using the latest cloud-based technology), and pays for the equipment while the client pays a monthly usage fee based upon the energy that they use. Using only the highest quality materials, equipment and contractors, YB’s Infrastructure as a Service brings the highest quality infrastructure to our clients that is always available and performing at top efficiency today, tomorrow, unending.